Wrap up your holiday shopping with a 1ST SUMMIT BANK MasterCard® Gift Card.

Start and finish your shopping this holiday season with us. Give everyone on your list the gift of choice with 1ST SUMMIT Gift Cards. They are the perfect gift and one-size-fits-all!

1st summit bank gift card wrapped as a present


Why a Gift Card?

    • Can be used anywhere MasterCard® is accepted.
    • Safer than giving cash.
    • Card is valid for 5 years.
    • Peace of mind knowing the card is to attached to a checking account like a debit card.
    • Can be replaced if lost unlike cash.
    • Simple to use.
    • Your shopping is done in one stop.

Business owners and managers: Our Gift Cards are the perfect gift for employees and co-workers.

Why Gift Cards for your employees?

    • We will deliver them to your business in gift bags with bows.
    • Easy to send to remote workers.
    • Can be used as incentive gifts throughout the year.
    • Everyone appreciates the thoughtfulness.
    • You are done shopping for every employee in one stop.

Let us help you with your holiday shopping.

Please call us at 888-262-4010. Rather than calling, stop in at one of our Community Offices and wrap up your shopping now.

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