We are proud to have our name attached to a venue that upholds one of our core beliefs – being an integral part of the community.

The 1ST SUMMIT Arena is more than an event center for the Johnstown Tomahawks or a concert place for popular performers; it is a community meeting place for family, friends, and neighbors.

By partnering with the Arena, we will continue to sustain its rich history of supporting veterans, promoting youth hockey programs, and being the center of our community’s entertainment. This partnership will help build memories for the next generation of residents and visitors to 1ST SUMMIT Arena @Cambria County War Memorial.  

For the latest events and information, please visit www.1stsummitarena.com.  

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Given the news regarding the recent bank failures in California and New York, I suspect many of you have some concerns and are asking questions about what is happening.

Community Bank Strong

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