PrimeTimers’ Club

PrimeTimers’ Club information pertaining to trips, events, and news can be found on this page. The PrimeTimers’ Club is more than a checking account; it’s a community.

PrimeTimers’ Club Details

A checking account Club devoted exclusively to our customers 50 years of age and older.

Awesome perks:

      • Discounted group travel excursions to fun places around the countryladies shopping from local merchant discounts
      • Movie Matinees once a month at local theaters
      • Summertime picnics
      • Holiday galas
      • Monthly newsletter with helpful financial and lifestyle tips
      • Hundreds of discounts at local merchants


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Club Trips

This year’s itinerary includes exciting adventures to ball games, beaches, shows, casinos, and more. Don’t miss out on a single outing.

Be a part of the fun by clicking on the button next to the outing you want to attend.

Movie Matinee at Westwood PlazaTuesday, Oct 25Please call 888-262-4010.

Latest Scams

A common scam fraudsters love to trick people with is the Lottery Scam. Scammers will text, email, call, or send a letter informing you that you won the lottery or a sweepstakes. But, even though the communication states you won, there’s also an accompanying fee or a request to send some of the money back.

This short video outlines the Lottery Scam perfectly:

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