Treasury Management Solutions

Streamline your payments and collections processes with automated services. From integrated payables and receivables to 24/7 service capabilities, 1ST SUMMIT BANK treasury management solutions provides end-to-end payment services that are changing the way you do business.


Merchant Services

1ST SUMMIT BANK offers fast, secure, and reliable ways to take credit card payments. We know that your card payments need to be managed in a way that works for you, so we offer a range of terminal solutions through Fitech by Deluxe that will suit your business needs.

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Receipts Processing

Allow 1ST SUMMIT BANK to take all of the pressure off of you and your employees while we process your payments for you. Part of our treasury management solutions is making sure we take care of everything you need so your accounts are up to date with the latest transactions.

Remote Deposit 24/7

Conveniently and securely make deposits from your office rather than having to drive to one of our branches. At 1ST SUMMIT BANK, you are able to scan checks and electronically send images and data to your business checking account. This allows you to improve deposit availability and cash flow, reduce transportation costs, and become much more efficient.

Positive Pay & Reconcilement

This anti-fraud tool allows payment of presented checks only after data matches and is confirmed. If something is wrong with a check, we will call you right away to reconcile the check. These checks and balances minimize the potential for internal check fraud, eliminates monthly reconcilement, and saves time and money.

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Business Sweep

Maximize earnings with automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings account. Our business sweep service will take excess money from your business checking account and move it to a place where it can earn interest. You don’t have to do anything except watch your money grow.

Smart Pay Express

This is a small business payment portal that’s easy to use. It makes taking online payments a snap! With minimal effort, businesses can begin accepting a wide variety of payments online – all through this unique solution. 


When you need to transfer funds or make a loan payment, feel free to simply pick up your phone and call us! You can bank with us 24/7 over the telephone. An automated system can provide you with information about balances, account history, interest rates, and other bank information. You can also change your PIN and report a lost or stolen card. By using a Personal Identification Number (PIN) you can be assured your information is secure and only accessible by you.

1-888-TELEBANC  (1-888-353-2262)

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