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Our financial team is ready to partner with you.

Experience the difference in our uniquely personal approach to customer service that’s tailored to fit your needs. 

We want you to know the people who will be working with you as you build your financial dreams, whether it’s a new house, a new business, a new car, or a new retirement plan. 

Come visit us at one of our 17 offices and ask for us by name!

Let’s meet the team:

Our Executive Leadership Team

This team guides our bank and works cohesively and closely with managers and all personnel to ensure our success as a premier financial relationship provider in our market.

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Our Business Relationship Team

This team can be counted on to be a strategic partner in your business’s success. Whether you are growing an idea, hitting your stride, or expanding, they are ready to work along side you.

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Our Mortgage Lenders

Our team of Mortgage Lenders believe nothing is more important than your home and they are ready to help you buy it or build it.

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Our Community Office Managers

These team members represent our bank in your communities. They are ready to help with all of your banking needs.

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Our Trust & Investment Team

This team has your long-term financial goals in mind and they guide you every step of the way on your path of investing, retirement, and estate planning.

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Given the news regarding the recent bank failures in California and New York, I suspect many of you have some concerns and are asking questions about what is happening.

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